How long will the editing take?
It depends on the length and detail of your paper, what kind of a writer you are, and the deadline you set. For example, an essay of about 2,500 words can usually be edited in a day, though I would ask you to allow at least 24 hours from my receipt of your payment. If you are in a hurry, I can provide rush service for an additional fee.

How is the price determined?
Primarily, I use the total word count, then assess the level of editing required. If you want text excluded, just let me know and I'll price only for what you want edited. I have special pricing for some universities, so let me know your university name and I'll be sure to factor that in.

What if I have questions after the edit is returned?
Once you have reviewed the edit, I am happy to answer any questions you have. I'll also review specific revisions (up to a pre-determined number of words based on the size of your paper). Due to time limitations, a full second reading is not included in the editing price, but I will visually scan through to see if anything "jumps out" or doesn't look quite right.

What if my Chair/Mentor/Advisor or journal reviewer(s) wants revisions?
If the revisions are content-related, I can only help you once you've made revisions and if the word count is within the follow-up text amount for your original edit. Should your content-related revisions exceed the follow-up text amount, you'll need to request a quote for editing the new text. If the revision is directly related to my editing, I will be happy to address the issue.

Why do you need the whole paper to give me a quote?
I need to assess both the actual word count as well as the amount of editing I'll need to do to meet your requirements. I can only do that if I can see the whole paper. I have found that this method is the best way to provide a quote that is fair to you and to me.

If you have a question about EditDragon, please use the free quote form.


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