Fine Print

Privacy, Confidentiality, & Security
I will not disclose or discuss your name, any personal information about you, or the subject matter of your paper without your consent. Any document files I have for you will be accessible only to me and completely deleted no less than 2 months and no more than 6 months after the editing is completed, unless you specify otherwise.

Plagiarism & Ethics
During the course of the edit, if I determine that there is intentionally plagiarized material being represented as your own, I will stop working and tell you why. If you do not choose to rewrite into your own words, I will return the fee, less 20% for my time and effort.

I will not conduct research for you, nor will I create or alter your content. Further, any suggestions or recommendations I provide you are not intended to replace the advice and direction of your professor, Chair, Mentor, Advisor, or other reviewers of your work.

I can provide a payment arrangement, if that is more convenient for you. However, I will not begin editing until your first payment is received. Before returning the edited document, I must receive all payments.

For your protection, all payments are processed through PayPal. Therefore, I will not request or have access to your payment details.

Special Note to Students and Doctoral Candidates: I believe that good editing includes a certain amount of moral support and coaching to help bring out or restore your enthusiasm and drive to succeed. My greatest editorial achievements have been for students who were frustrated and ready to quit. Most of the time, I have found that once students have an editor/coach to patiently work with them to “tame the dragon,” so to speak, they are energized to complete their paper and continue to the next challenge!

Don't battle the dragon alone!

EditDragon is here for you!







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